Resisting temptation.

Today was Day 1 of my ABC diet and my caloric intake was supposed to be 500 calories or less.  So far, I am doing so well! My mother decided that she was going to put four blueberry muffins in front of my face and be like “Cathy, I try to hide these from you”.  I can now successfully say that Of the four muffins, 2 are already gone and none of them went into my stomach! *bes proud* Sadly, my father cooked up a huge pot of pho soup this morning and I love having pho soup because it warms up my tummy and makes it easier for me to stay warm and relaxed.  I was really sad that I could not eat it, but then I thought that on Friday, when Chris comes down to visit me, we can go to Pho Bac and have a nice big bowl of pho soup there.  Once again, this week is simply my trial week to see how I can manage going on the ABC diet and still doing well in school.  After Chris visits me this weekend, I will be starting from scratch again - from Day 1 - for the entire duration of the diet.  My mother also cooked stuffing and chicken but I decided not to eat those and make my own dinner.  This is not to say that I don’t absolutely LOVE stuffing.  It is just way too high in carbohydrates and fat and the chicken that my mother makes is very very salty.  So far I am doing really well in resisting these various temptations.  I plan to have no more food today and have my evening tea time before I go to bed.  In fact, I think I will take a shower and get ready to wind down my evening after I post this and then spend some time doing homework before I go to bed for the night.  Hopefully I will not give in to any late night cravings. *fingers crossed*